Nancy Brown’s diary entries from October 2 – 25, 1923

Oct 2 – Winifred and Wilma came on 1-15 P.M. train. Met me at Fields. Claude stayed and had lunch with us. They brought three chickens, box of Coras cookies, backet of peaches.

Oct 3 – We stayed home. Girls made candy. Will, Lizzie and Ruth over a while this afternoon.

Oct 4 – Winnie, Wilma and I went down town with Claude. Lela met us at Fields. I came home. Lela and girls went to Bessies for dinner. Joe, Dodo and Bess brought them home in Joes new old car.

Oct 5 – My 51st wedding anniversary. Winnie, Wilma and I went over to Mrs Locks on Warner Ave. Will took us out to Ruths about four. Lizzie was there. We had fresh straw berry short cake for dinner. Lizzie and Ruth picked them over to the farm. Lela got ton of coal to day.

Oct 6 – Winniefred took 8-48 A.M. train for home. Lela and Wilma went to train with her then went and saw “_afty East.” Jean was with them. Bess, Carrie, Robert and Will and went to see Lou. He did not know them but was happy. Joe took Lela and Wilma to Bessies this eve to hear how Lou is.

Oct 7 – Wilma at Bessies. George, Jack & his niece Gladys here to dinner to night. Joe, Dodo, Bob, Wilma, Mrs Langmayer[129] & Bess went to farm this P.M.

Oct 8 – Bess and Wilma here. ” [Bess] & Lela made candy. Wilma went home with Bess.

Oct 9 – Bess, Lela, Carrie & Wilma here. I went home with Bess & Wilma. Bess & I saw Main St. at Keystone. Wilma and Dodo to Mrs Locks to night. Wilma to stay. Our first Nancy Keith boxes came to day. Fine weather.

Oct 10 – I came home from Bessies in taxi. Bess sent red rug to Lela. Julius gave me 20.00 on account. Claude & Eda came for me 5-30. We had dinner over on Sheridan road. We to Riviera saw Cannons Law.

Oct 11 – At Claudes. Just rested all day. Girls made candy. We had a little ride in evening. Wilma phoned me. She was a little lonesome & homesick. Mrs Locks father Mr Tuleman came to day.

Oct 12 – Rained a little. Frank, Till and Gladys came to night. Got here about 7 P.M. Mr Reed & Harold here to dinner. Frank not well in evening. Harold, Eda, Gladys & Mr Reed took me home. A very plesant week, weather perfect.

Oct 13 – Rained all day. Joe came for me about 7-30 P.M. We got Bess and Dodo. Julius had tickets for us to hear opening concert at Orchestra Hall. It was fine. I went home with Bess. Gladys and Mr Reed called this eve, got 3lb candy. Lela had gone to bed, she was so tired and alone with the children so did not see them.

Oct 14 – Colder. Wilma came over to day after dinner. Joe & Dodo took Wilma & me home. Left me. Lela went with them to take Wilma to Mrs Locks. They went to the _____ saw Cannon Law. Wilma had a letter from home. Fred Cripe is in Kazoo. Jim down home a while to day so Hannah wrote. Asthma bad.

Oct 15 – Lela & Bess down town all day, she to Bessies for supper. Mr Leaders here this eveing, also Mrs Gorden to see Miss Ludd. Lela bought a dress at “Gilleys”. Dodo sold it to her. Pas[130] 110″ birthday. Lois[131] passed away 8 years ago.

Oct 16 – Cloudy. I went over to Mrs Eckles a while this eve. Her sister and brother go home tomow. Edna Everette here this eve.

Oct 17 – Rained hard in the night. Very cloudy all day. Bob here this P.M. to deliver candy. A number of orders to day.

Oct 18 – Rained all day. Wilma over this P.M. stayed all night. Girls made candy. Mae Roney was granted a divorce from Buck[132] to day. Gets the house and eighteen thousand dollars.

Oct 19 – Girls making candy. Lela had to go down town. Wilma went back to Mrs Lockes.

Oct 20 – Lela down town to day. Ruth Hendrix[?] ten years old. Helen, Jean & Martha went in evening. Lela & I went to _______ to get her a hat. Did not find one. Went over on Sheridan road. Went to Ravewood theatre saw Loyal Lives but got no hat. Robert & Willard built long table for Kand Kitchen.

Oct 21 – Fine day. Claude, Eda, Mrs Doyen & I went to Crystal Lake. Called on Mr & Mrs Bonnet.[133] I saw baby Bettie[134] for first time. Bess, Dodo, Bob & Joe went to Mrs Klines cottage, spent the day with them. June here for the day. Mr Doyen & Gladys went home to day. Mr Reed, Harold and a lady friend went as far as Mich City.

Oct 22 – Plesant. Lela got a hat to day. Went over on Sheridan road & Howard Ave on business. Bess went to Juliette. Anna Holmquist phoned. They went to see Lou yesterday. He was some better. To day is her mothers last day in Jewelry store.[135] Has sold out.

Oct 25 – Candy to day. Lela went to Sycamore this evening. Tomorrow she, Joe, Anna & Bob go to Davenport.

[129] Joe Langmayer’s mother, Emma (Woehrle) Langmayer

[130] Nancy’s father, Charles Luke Keith Jr., who was born in 1813

[131] Nancy’s half-sister, Lois (Keith) Clark Skinner, who died in 1915

[132] The California Death Index on shows that Marion A. Buchanan died on May 9, 1945 in Los Angeles; however, it does not give her husband’s name

[133] Arthur and Leona (Smith) Bonnet. Nancy’s son, Claude, and Arthur Bonnet were business partners in the Bonnet-Brown Corporation

[134] Dorothy Elizabeth Bonnet, who was born April 20, 1922

[135] Johanna (Mueller) Holmquist Langhorn owned a jewelry store in Sycamore, Illinois

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