Nancy Brown’s diary entries from July 18 – August 4, 1923

Jul 18 – Cortland Reese[100] married. Bess went to Claudes & decorated cake for wedding. Got over home about five. She & Lela made candy. Worked till 11-45 P.M. I went home with her in taxi.

Jul 19 – Bess working on my ratena[?] dress. Dodo, Helen and Jean go to Claudes stay all night. Lela and I go to Elgin tomow.

Jul 20 – Jack & Melbas Vanholts baby boy born to day. Claude came for Lela & I, took to Aurora Elgin Sta. We left about nine found Lou in hospital. Later we all went out on lawn. Had our supper. We came home on 7-30 p.m. car. Lou not quite so well. Claude, Eda & Bess met us at Sta, we stopped at Bess, got the children & came home.

Jul 21 – Very warm. Joe home from camp. He & Dodo came for my suite case this eveing. All sorts of work going on. I go to Shelbyville Monday. Joe, Dodo & Robert go tomow morning in the Dixie.

Jul 22 – Hot. Joe, Dodo & Robert left 4-30 A.M. in car for Shelbyville Mich. Bess here this evening.

Jul 23 – Plesant. Claude took me to M.C. Sta. got me a ticket for Shelbyville. Had chair car. Arived ” [Shelbyville] 1-5 p.m. in the rain. Joe and Doc[101] met me, stayed to Lous [Louese] all night. Slept with Mildred in her new bed. Leone Mild

Jul 24 – Robert, Joe, Dodo & I to Vernes for dinner. Lou[ese] came in afternoon, also Cora.[102] I went home with Cora. The four children & I stayed there all night. Called on Winnie. Leone,[103] Mildred, Joe, Dodo, Bob, Wilma,[104] Carol & Louese[105] went to Selkirks lak for a swim. Took their supper.

Jul 25 – Back to Lous [Louese] for dinner. Called on Winnie.[106] We four left for Galesburg 1-55. Called at Walters[107] in Plainwell. Got down home about five.

Jul 26 – Joe, B[ob], Dodo and I went to Oak Grove,[108] saw Ed Swaddell, his wife, son[109] & Jessie. Hannah rode over as far as Mrs Sherwoods. Stayed till we came back. Took Mrs Sal___ down home.

Jul 27 – Rained all day nice & steady. Louese Jacobs came home a surprise on her folks. Joe, Dodo & Bob went over to Interurban Sta & met her. Roberts 16 birth-day. I gave him four _____.

Jul 28 – Plesant. Joe, Dorothy, Robert, Ethan, Hannah & I went to Portage Center to see Dorothy Jacobs baby and husban. Found Louese there. Came home through Kazoo & the Burg.

Jul 29 – Plesant. Joe and Bob left here at six A.M. for home. Chicago) 20 minutes past one. We had a telephone call. They were at Bessies. Made the drive in 6 & ½ hours.

Jul 30 – Plesant. Hannah washed. Ethen working in the beans. Dorothy & I doing a little of every thing.

Jul 31 – Plesant. Mrs Sherwood here all aftern. Dodo cleaned quite a wash. Pearl Schram & children called, brought us some apples.

Aug 1 – Hot. Dodo went to Shelby this aftern. Mr & Mrs Doyen & Gladys call this P.M. Mrs D told me Gladys was going to live in Chicago some day.

Aug 2 – President Harding passed away 7-30 P.M. in San Frisco. President Coolidge sworn in at 2-45. A.M.

Aug 3 – Hot. Carrie Barber telephoned. President Harding was dead. Bess wrote she and Lela were going to see Lou. Helen and Jean will stay with Eda & Claude.

Aug 4 – Hot & dry. Hannah cleaned all day. A letter from Bess & one from Lou[ese]. She said Dodo was not going home till Monday. Bess wrote they found Lou[is] much better. One year to night about 7-30 Corwin and Everette Eckles were drowned in Lake Mich off Irving Park beach in Chicago.[110]

[100] A search of shows Heath C Reese married Mrytle McGrim; the 1920 census shows Cortland Reese living in Wilmette, which is where Claude lived, so it would appear that Cortland Reese was a neighbor of Claude’s

[101] Samuel “Doc” Boyer was married to Nancy’s niece, LaVerne (Harris)

[102] Cora (Meredith) Keith, who was married to Nancy’s brother, James Keith

[103] Leone Harris, the daughter of Nancy’s sister, Louese (Keith) Harris

[104] Wilma Keith, the daughter of Nancy’s brother, James Keith

[105] Carol and Louise Boyer,  the daughters of Nancy’s niece, LaVerne (Harris) Boyer

[106] Winifred (Keith) Brouard, the daughter of Nancy’s brother, James Keith

[107] Walter Keith, the son of Nancy’s brother, James Keith

[108] Oak Grove Cemetery

[109] Edward, Olive & Ivan Swaddel

[110] Corwin (age 17) and Everett (age 15) were the only children of Charles and Daisy (Smith) Eckel, who lived next door to Nancy

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