Nancy Brown’s diary entries from August 5 – 30, 1923

Aug 5 – Emma Allen here to lunch this evening Mr & Mrs Stodderd, daughter Jan, Mrs Latham & sister called. Lou, D, Jim & Cora at Walters for the day.

Aug 6 – Hot. Mrs Henry Sherwood here all aftern. Rained a little this P.M. Lou[ese] wrote Dodo went home to day. Took train from Plainwell. Grandma Crawfords[111] 121 birthday (born 1802.

Aug 7 – Mrs Sherwood here this P.M. insted of yesterday. Mr & Mrs Frie called this evening. Ethan, H and I went to Burg with them we got ice cream. We went in their new Sedan. They brought us some corn, first we have had.

Aug 8 – Cooler. Nice rain in the night. Eda Jeans 8 birthday. Minnie Frie here this P.M.

Aug 9 – Hot & dry. Floyd, Mildred, Carol and Tonydog came this P.M. for Hannah. Left for Shelbyville about four.

Aug 10 – Hot. Hotter. Hotest. T storm was to night instead of Sat. Maude[112] sick all night. Cant get up. I did not _____ all night. Ethan went to bed at twelve, was up a number of times.

Aug 11 – This ought to be Friday. So very dry and hot. Hard storm began about 8 P.M. rain, hail, wind, terrific thunder and lightning. Will Kirbys big stack barn struck and burned to the ground.

Aug 12 – Very plesant and cool. Ethan and I here alone all day. Will Clark[113] is fixing his barn. Lightning struck it Saturday night. Maude horse no better.

Aug 13 – Cool and plesant. Maud horse (No. 2) has been sick for a week, taken worse Thursday in the night. Mr. Gravalt shot her just 7 P.M. Ethan and feel pretty bad, hard on him. Hannah is in Shelbyville. Pearl Schram here to day. Telephoned to Kazoo for Alfalfa seed.

Keith, Ethan with Maude

Ethan Keith with his horse, Maude

Aug 14 – Some warmer. Mr Brockie came with team, drew Maude up in the lane. He and Ethan burried her this P.M. Mrs Salon got 2½ lbs butter of us.

Aug 15 – Cool and plesent. I baked two spice cakes. Alfraetta Coulten spent aftern here. Ethan working in garden. Alfraetta brought us some _____ apples.

Aug 16 – Plesant. Ethan planted beans and peas. If we have a late fall will have some to eat. Had our last peas to day with new potatoes.

Aug 19 – Plesant. Ralph picnic[114] at the old old home. Lou[ese], D[115] and Mildred came to it. Hannah came with them, she did not go. Frank & Lena Ralph were here a while, also Will Whitting. Will Clark came this forenoon, brought us corn, tomattoes, apples & cucumbers.

Aug 20 – Plesant. A letter from Lela with Lou, Jeans and his nurses picture. Ethan trimed lilac bush and other shrubry. Hannah & I fixed pants. She finished her voil dress. A nice long letter from Aunt Kate[116] in Yakama[117] & one from Charley Clark.[118]

Mueller, Louis & Jean

Louis Mueller with his daughter, Jean, and his nurse
at Elgin State Hospital on Jean’s 8th birthday

Aug 21 – Began raining in night by spells all day. 6-30 P.M. mercury down to _____. Ethan took down stove pipe in front room, moved stove back.

Aug 24 – Caroline Clark[119] went to Chicago with her friend Mr Hutchins.[120] Caroline will stay at Lela and Bessies. Mr H– comes back Sunday.

Aug 25 – Cool and plesant. Cousin Edna & Jack[121] came from Detroit, got here about 3-23 P.M.

Aug 26 – Plesant. Mildred and Carol brought Lou[ese] down to visit with Edna. Girls went back about 2. P.M. Edna & Jack left about five for home. Went in auto[?] to B-C- took No 14 on M.C. for home.

Aug 29 – Plesant. Caroline Clark home from Chicago to night.

Aug 30 – Plesant, warm. I went to Ida Barbers for the day. Rode over with Hazel Schuyler. Went to Will Clarks and stayed all night. Caroline took a school in New wago.[122] A letter from Lela. Lou very much worse, is in most distracted mind. First time I saw the new bath &c at Wills.

[111] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts

[112] Ethan’s horse

[113] The son of Nancy’s half-sister, Lois (Keith) Clark Skinner

[114] Louese (Keith) Harris’ mother-in-law was Adaline (Ralph) Harris

[115] Louese’s husband, Daniel D. Harris, who was referred to as D.D. or just plain D

[116] Katherine (Atcheson) Crawford, who was the widow of Nancy’s uncle, Hiram Crawford

[117] Yakima, Washington

[118] The son of Nancy’s half-sister, Lois (Keith) Clark Skinner

[119] Will Clark’s daughter

[120] Caroline’s future husband, Clare Hutchins

[121] Edna (Crawford) and Jackson Tullar; Edna was the daughter of Nancy’s uncle Robert Crawford

[122] Newaygo, Michigan, which is about 35 miles north of Grand Rapids

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