August 5, 1923 letter to Nancy Brown from Edith Sissle

August 5, 1923

To: Nancy Brown, Kalamazoo, MI

From: Edith Sissle, Chicago, IL

Is thanking Nancy for the birthday gift and apologizes for the lateness of this thank you.

Chicago, Sunday August 5. 1923.

Dear Mrs. Brown:

Your charming attentions to my birthday are gratefully appreciated, and I feel badly to have neglected to tell you this sooner. Hedwig[1] asked me this morning “are you not ashamed in not having written Mrs Brown?” to which I indolently replied, “hm, hm”, meaning yes, and she said do you think Mrs. Brown knows you are saying “hm, hm”. I had a real nice birthday – celebrating it with a visit to the Theatre, to which the firm game me two tickets for the “Dancing Girl”.

The folks[2] are away on the “Farm” today – left at 7 in the morning, so we are all alone at the house, and having wandered from toom to room, I will tell you what decorations we found in yours; sh-sh, don’t let anyone hear it; up on two hangers are two pair little “panties” of the children[3] hanging up on the electric chandelier; we laughed so much, it looks too funny for words, 4 legs sticking up in the air.

Enough of nonsense; how do you feel? And where are you now? We had a big fly in our room, and it must have bitten me on my left eye, because it is quite swollen, and I attribute it to that.

The pen I have is nice and scratchy, and that why this looks the same, I mean this writing.

Will have to get dressed for dinner, it is nearly four o’clock, and we are feeling pangs of hunger.

Take good care of yourself, Mrs. Brown, and make the most of your visits.

I want to thank you for the very pretty and use ful gift, which is already in use.

Kindest greetings to you and yours, I am

Most sincerely yours

Edith Sissle

[1] Edith’s sister, Hedwig Sissle

[2] Lela (Brown) Mueller, who the Sissle sisters were boarding with

[3] Lela’s daughters, Helen and Eda “Jean” Mueller

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