Nancy Brown’s diary entries from July 8 – 11, 1923

Jul 8 – Lela went to Elgin on 8 a.m. train. Went to Joes [Johanna’s] first, all drove over to see Lou. Children and I to Bess. Martha to Mrs Woods. Lela stoped for us in evening. We got home about 10-30. She thinks Lou a little better.

Jul 9 – My 71st birthday. I went over to Claudes for dinner. We went to Riveria in eveing. Dorothy came up and stayed with Lela. Joe to camp[99] this week and next. Girls made candy. Will Noelle[?] married to day.

Jul 11 – I sewed some to day. Ruth Heinrich[?] brought Jean home from Bessies. They came alone on Street car. Ruth here for supper. Will over a few mintes to see if I would go to Mich to morow in car with them. First we have seen Will since his operation. He lost 25 pounds.

[99] Joe was a member of the Civil Defense or National Guard

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