July 11, 1923 letter to Ethan Keith and Hannah Towne from Nancy Brown

July 11, 1923

To: Ethan Keith & Hannah Towne, Kalamazoo, MI

From: Nancy Brown, Chicago, IL

Is thanking them for the birthday card and the potatoes and eggs. Apologizes for not sending the crate back earlier. They work every minute and have such confusion and so much on their minds, they don’t know what they are doing. She is planning on going to Shelbyville on Sunday the 22nd, stay there a few days and then come to Galesburg. Lela went to see Lou. He was doing a little better and the doctor said there was a chance that he could get better but not to be surprised if he passed away.

July 11″ 1923
Edas[1] 46 birthday

Dear brother and sister,

We had a nice rain (thunder & lighting) in the night so its much cooler. Think we will get more rain. Your letter came yesterday Ethan, the Potatoes Saturday, both ours and Bessies.[2] We are all glad to have them and we like them. Thanks, also thanks for the card. I think I feel more than a year older than I was a year ago. Its a shame we have not sent the crate it went yesterday. You are not to blame if they (the eggs) are not quite so fresh. We had noticed they were more like store eggs. We hustle and work evry miniute but such confusion and so much on our mind we dont know half the time what we are doing. I thought by taking crate to the letter box we would send them right back, but its 3½ long blocks to much for the children[3] to carry so far, and Martha[4] gets home so late at night, but she took the one yesterday. I’ll try and have her take the one we still have Saturday. In one box I put 4 apples an other new potatoes, just a taste. We are about out of eggs. Will[5] was here a short time to day. Came to see if I could go to Mich with them tomow in their car. Of course I cant. They go to Jims[6] Sat. are going to see you and Henry Fords between now and Sat. Will was born March 18″ 1860. If you remember Hank[7] felt so bad to think he was ten times as old as his baby brother. He could never play with him because when Will was ten he would one hundred. Will says he thinks Hobert[8] was born the following October. Now I am going to spring a surpise. Dont let it make you sick and dont worry. Joe, Dodo and Robert,[9] myself if its so I can are going to drive through to Shelbyville[10] a week from Sunday, the 22nd. Will stay there till Wed or Thursday then go down home, the three back to Chicago Sunday. Dodo[11] and I will do the work and take care of the cats. They can drive over to the Burg[12] any time and get what we need. Joe says if there is any thing he can do he wants to do it.  One thing he is not lazy. We will all go to a movie once or twice if you can go. Joe is in camp[13] this week and next, gets home Sat, goes to Mich Sunday.

Lela[14] went to see Lou[15] Sunday. Said he seemed quite a little better. He did not ask about the children or any one or any thing only to get home. Doctor said he felt there was a chance for him to get better, but not to be surprised at any time to hear he had passed away. It uses her up to go. Guess she wont again on Sunday. Will some day next week. I hav’nt got or done one thing toward going home dont have time strength or interest. If I knew I could not go now they would see if Louise wanted to go. For all we know she may be there. Dorothy has never heard one word since she had her over there. She has never called Dorothy but once. Dorothy has her so many times beside haveing her over. Dorothy say some times she thinks she never will again but of course she will. May be we can go and call on Dorothy if you know where she lives. Must close and let Helen mail this.

Love from all


[1] Nancy’s daughter-in-law, Edith (Neumaier) Brown

[2] Nancy’s daughter, Bess (Brown) Recoschewitz

[3] Nancy’s grandchildren, Helen and Eda “Jean” Mueller

[4] Martha Lueder who was living temporarily with Lela Mueller; Nancy also lived with Lela

[5] Nancy’s brother-in-law, Willis Brown

[6] Their brother, James Keith

[7] Nancy’s late husband, Henry Brown

[8] Hobart Jackson (see 7-8-23 letter)

[9] Joseph Langmayer (Dorothy’s boyfriend); Dorothy and Robert Recoschewitz (Nancy’s grandchildren)

[10] Shelbyville, Michigan

[11] Dorothy’s nickname

[12] Galesburg, Michigan

[13] Joe was in the Civil Defense or National Guard

[14] Nancy’s daughter, Lela (Brown) Mueller

[15] Lela’s husband, Louis Mueller

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