Nancy Brown’s diary entries from June 22 to July 3, 1923

Jun 22 – Very hot. Lela and Lous 11 wedding aniversary. Lela and Bess gone see Lou at St. Marys Hill. Girls home early. Lela stopped to see Dr Roberts. Lou very rebelious, wants to come home. Claude and Eda over this evening.

Jun 23 – A hard day all around. No heart to do any thing.

Jun 24 – Johanna, Anna & Bob[92] came. ” [Johanna] and ” [Anna] stayed all night. Claude, Eda & Dr Statz here to make arrangments about Lou.

Jun 25 – Lela, Joe and Claude spent all forenoon down town with the judge doing things for Lou. Alice came this p.m. from Bloomington. I wrote a long letter home. Will home from hospital to night. Had operation for hernia & piles.

Jun 26 – Alice went to St Marys Hill on Elevated. Claude, George and Mr Eckles went after Lou. Took all came back together. Took Lou to hospital here.

Jun 29 – Lou went to Elgin to day. Lou Taken to Elgin[93] to day. Alice went to see him. Went to Joes [Johanna’s] & stayed all night.[94]

Jun 30 – Miss Edith & Miss Hedvig begins their vacation to day. Stay home this week, trip around great Lakes next week. Alice back here to day. Claude & Eda to Kazoo to day. Frank took them to the old home. Claude stayed all night, went to Gull Lake Sunday.

Jul 1 – H.A.[95] 73″ birthday. I went to Bessies, stayed all night. Dodo and Joe out to Ruths. Will and Lizzie there. Dodo brought home cherries. We all had cherry pie. Lela, the children, Alice and Kate, Jessie, Marian, Jack Sr[96] & Jack Jr to Bessies for lunch.

Jul 2 – Bess went to make candy. Dodo & I down town. I went home from down town. Dodo stoped at Kathren Millet[?]. Alice goes back to Bloomington to day.

Jul 3 – Dorothy came up to stay with the children and me. “The girls” and their Aunt[97] went to Milwaukee for the day. This eveing Lela went to Sycamore. Joe here a few mintes. Took Lela to Montrose Sta.

[92] Lou’s sister, Johanna (Mueller) Holmquist, her daughter, Anna (Holmquist), and her second husband, Robert Langhorn

[93] Elgin State Mental Hospital

[94] Johanna lived in Sycamore, Illinois

[95] Nancy’s late husband, Henry Ambrose Brown

[96] Marian’s husband, Charles Meiss, who was referred to as Jack

[97] The 1920 census shows Edith and Hedwig living with their aunt, Lila Gordon, so perhaps this is a reference to her. See also the February 25th entry


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