July 8, 1923 letter to Nancy Brown from Ethan Keith

July 8, 1923  

To: Nancy Brown, Chicago, IL

From: Ethan Keith, Kalamazoo, MI

Is sending a birthday card to Nancy, but it will be a day late. Has sent potatoes to the girls but doesn’t think they will like them as it’s so late in the season. He has been busier this summer than any other he thinks. He gets up at 4:30 and doesn’t have enough time in the day. Had a nice visit with Claude who was looking better than he expected after his surgery. He had hoped Lou would get better up in Milwaukee and he is sorry for him, Lela and the girls.

Kalamazoo, July. 8. 1923.

Dear Sister,

We are sending you a card[1] but will be a day late I could not get to it to write before. I’ts not much of a card but will be like Uncle Jasons chip, will let you know we think of you. Thursday I sent each of the girls[2] a bushel of potatoes. Dont know how well you will like them. Never any too good and now i’ts so late in the season. Did’nt know as I was ever agoing to get around to send them. Have had so much to do. My work is crowding me worse than ever this summer I think. We get up at 4.30 A.m. and then there is’nt time enough. About the money, I think you have sent more than was coming to us. Hope you did’nt pay for the potatoes for I dont want anything for them. How were the last eggs? It has been so warm I did’nt know whether it had made any difference with them or not. Have kept them in the coolest part of the cellar. I had Hannah[3] use a couple of them to see how they were, she said there were all right. Have got two crates now. We had a good visit with Claude.[4] Think he is looking fine, better than I expected. I’ts wonderful what can be done in surgery now. It is too awful bad Lou[5] has had to have this trouble come upon him. I was in hopes when he went to Milwaukee that he might get help there. We are so sorry for Lela,[6] and the little girls,[7] dont know how she has a heart to do anything. I believe if Lou’s mother[8] was to hear of his condition it would be to much for her, as weak as she is. Will close with love to all. Hannah says tell you she has take Dewittes pills. They are good.


How old is Will Brown.[9] We wont get at Hobert Jacksons age.

[1] Nancy’s birthday was July 9th

[2] Nancy’s daughters, Lela (Brown) Mueller and Bess (Brown) Recoschewitz

[3] Ethan’s and Nancy’s sister, Hannah (Keith) Towne

[4] Nancy’s son, Claude Brown

[5] Nancy’s son-in-law, Louis Mueller

[6] Nancy’s daughter (and Lou’s wife), Lela (Brown) Mueller

[7] Lou & Lela’s daughters, Helen and Eda “Jean” Mueller

[8] Augusta (Ficke) Mueller

[9] Presume he was referring to Nancy’s late husband’s brother, Willis Brown, who was 63 at the time

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