July 1923 letter to Nancy Brown from Louese Harris

July 1923[1]  

To: Nancy Brown

From: Louese Harris

Received and thanked Nancy for her birthday card. Carol had her hair bobbed and they all feel bad about it. Now Louise wants to have hers bobbed. They don’t need to send any candy as she knows how hard it is for the girls especially in the hot weather. Is anxious to hear about Lela’s visit to Lou.

Dear Sister:

I’m getting dinner – Mildred[2] getting ready to go to Rome City to spend Sunday with Fred.[3] LaV–[4] here & Louise.[5] Doc[6] gone to Neely, Carol[7] at lake, been there most of week. She has her hair bobbed. We all feel bad about it, but like all the rest teased until she won out. Louise says she must have hers. Your card rec’d Thurs. also birthday card[8] – is very pretty and many thanks for it. You need not send me candy if you hav’nt. Too hard work for the girls[9] to make it, any way in such hot weather. But it is surely awfully good. You know I had some you sent to H & E.[10] If you’ve heard from home[11] you know we were there last Sun. a while. We met Claude & Eda[12] about two miles from lake. Though Eda is the only one we saw, but Carol and I both recognized her and spoke of it in the same breath. I’ll write you a letter soon. We are anxious to hear of Lela’s visit to Lou.[13] I pity them both and I think of them all the time. I have to fry beef steak and have to go.

With lots of love to all.


[1] While the letter is not dated, from the contents of the letter it appears to have been written in July 1923

[2] Louese’s daughter, Mildred Harris

[3] Mildred’s boyfriend, Fred Cripe

[4] Louese’s daughter, LaVerne (Harris) Boyer

[5] LaVerne’s daughter, Louise Boyer

[6] LaVerne’s husband, Samuel “Doc” Boyer

[7] LaVerne’s daughter, Carol Boyer

[8] Louese’s birthday was July 3rd

[9] Nancy’s daughter, Lela (Brown) Mueller and Bess (Brown) Recoschewitz

[10] Louese’s and Nancy’s sister and brother, Hannah (Keith) Towne and Ethan Keith

[11] Many of the family, even though they lived elsewhere, referred to the Keith family farm where Ethan and Hannah lived, as “home”

[12] Nancy’s son and daughter-in-law, Claude and Edith (Neumaier) Brown

[13] Nancy’s daughter and son-in-law, Lela and Louis Mueller; Lou had been hit by a streetcar and suffered brain damage and was currently in a sanitarium

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