Nancy Brown’s diary entries from May 1 – June 5, 1923

May 1 – Folks home from Dunes about six. Had a good time and two blowouts three punctures.

May 3 – Plesant cool. Claude phoned me to come down town & have dinner with him. We went to Fields. Bess & Lela makeing candy.

May 5 – Plesant. No candy to day. Claude, Eda, Lela & Lou gone for an outing. Come home tomow evening. Mr Ed Reed, Gladys and Harold here this evening. Martha down town with her mother. Went to see “Robin Hood.” Gladys goes home tomow. Been to Edas nearly five weeks.

May 6 – Warm & Plesant. Dorothy and Joe here for dinner. Will, Julius, Bess and Robert out to the farm.[71] Got home about five. Claude &c home about 7-30. Had a nice time.

May 7 – Plesant and warm. Jean began school. Find she has been sick the hollidays. Girls making candy. Bess went down town with Dodo to get D– a pair Knickers. Martha to Alida Herberts birthday. A letter from sister Lou[ese].[72]

May 8 – Cold. A little rain. 3 girls making candy. Lela went over to Wieboldts.[73] Snowed toward night.

May 9 – Cold. I went home with Bess to night, got there for dinner. Ida Clark Bronson[74] burried to day. Evry thing covered with snow this A.M.

May 10 – Plesant. Dorothy and went down town. Got Mother cards, knives and spoons for candy. Bess up to house, stayed all night. I went with Joe and Dodo to see the “Mikado” at the Chatteau.

May 11 – Rained this p.m. Dodo and I to Claudes to dinner. They brought us home. Drove over to Lelas. Girls working, two oclock when Bess got home.

May 12 – Bess home to day, to Lelas this evening, home 11-15. May and Lill sent me 8 varities of flowers for Mothers Day. Julius home from May festivals Bloomington Ill Mount Vernon Ill.

May 13 – Dodo, Joe, Stewart & Gladys to Dunes. Mothers day. Very plesant. I was remembered so nice by all. A beautiful framed motto from C– and E–,[75] handsome box martzenpan candy _____ in fruit-shape from the girls L & B,[76] _____ & cards from D–, R–, H– & Jean,[77] silk bag (purse) from Edith & Hedvig, very petty hdk from Martha, 2 carnations & vase from C– & Eda.

May 14 – Cloudy. I cut out my light apron. Bess cleaning pantry. Had it calcimined. Julius left for Grand Rapids and other cities in Mich on May Festival trip.

May 15 – I sewed all day. Bess cleaned. Man calcimined [whitewashed] pantry.

May 16 – I was taken with a severe attack of neuritis in right shoulder and side about three this morning. Had Dr Statz.

May 17 – No better. Claude came for a while this A.M. Brought me some roses. Eda here this afternon. Katie here a while. Lela took children to dentists this afternon. She, Helen, Jean and Martha here this eve, also Joe. He brought ice cream.

May 18 – A little better, but sick enough. Sat up some. Joe sent me a nice Fushsia, full of blossom.

May 19 – Claude here about noon, brought me American beauties roses. He, Eda, Dorothy and Joe go to Deer Grove,[78] take trailer and stay all night. Joe took 200 lbs sugar to the girls. Came down here. Helen and Jean were with him.

May 20 – Looked like rain all day. Bess, Robert and _____ Robert to Keystone aft – all evening. Folks home from Deer Grove about nine. Claude and Eda stayed about an hour. They had a fine time.

May 21 – Cold. Bess up to house. Three girls making candy. Bess will stay all night.

May 22 – Began work in basment (up to Lelas) for making candy down there. Bess got home about 1-30 A.M.

May 23 – Plesant. Julius home from Michigan trip this forenoon. Feeling fine.

May 24 – Cold. Plesant. Claude called a few minites. Julius with the orchestra. Begin playin for May Festival at Evanston to night. Dodo got a letter from Lou[ese].

May 25 – Cold & plesant. I dont feel very well. Dorothy up to Lelas to help her clean my room. Mrs Newel and Mary here in evening.

May 26 – Cloudy, no rain. I am so tired, guess I’m lazy. Dodo and Joe went to Joliet this p.m. Bess and I to Keystone this evening, first I’ve been out since the 10. We saw Harold Lloyd in Dr Jack and Will Rodgers in Frish[?].

May 27 – Plesant. Julius had rehearsal, Robert at Keystone, Dorothy and Joe went out to ___, brought home arms full of lilacs. Lou, Lela and children here for lunch. Jean sick. Lela and children went home in taxi.

May 28 – Plesant. Bess and Carrie up to Lelas, cleaned basment, getting new room ready for candy. Lou _____ 10.00 egg and butter money. Bess got home to supper. Jean not well enough to go to school to day.

May 29 – Plesant. Claude called a few minutes. I go home to day, will take taxi, dont feel very strong. Three weeks to night I came here with Bess. Lou not very well. Mrs Leuder here this eve. The three girls made candy to day.

May 30 – Beautiful day. Lou no better. Lela, Helen, Jean and Martha went over to T.B. Sanitarim this P.M. The “Girls”[79] decided to stay here till fall.

May 31 – Plesant. Lou sick. Bess here to day. Lela went to see Dr Statz for Lou this eve. Claude and Eda here this evening.

Jun 1 – Our first real summer[?]. Lela went with Mrs Leuder to court early this A.M. They got back here about one. Lou real bad. Had Dr here this p.m. He said Sanatariun for Lou. Bess and Carrie moved candy to basment. Lela wrote to Lous uncle.

Jun 2 – Warm. Lou no better. Mr Reed here this eveing got candy for Gladys. Dodo and Joe here. Mr Reed to meet Gladys, her father & mother, also Frank and Harold[80] at the Dunes to morow. Girls here for lunch dinner to night. Helens Sunday school teacher here this evening.

Jun 3 – Plesant. Lou real bad. Mr and Mrs Grace here this evening.

Jun 4 – Grandma Crawford[81] died 1884. Hot. The three girls painted candy room in basment. They are all so tired. Lou real bad. Claude, Eda & Harold here this eveing. Lela, children and I went for a ride with Claude, later Julius & Bess went. C– had letter from Lous Uncle telling what he would do.

Jun 5 – I met Bess down town. I exchanged my clock. Lou got a check from Alice 50.00. Claude got one from Lous Uncle for him for 100.00. No rain down town but ” [rain] very hard out to the house. Mr Tesler shot by woman bandit in alley back of Claudes last night. Claude & Eda drove in alley just a head of Mr & Mrs Tesler.

[71] Will & Lizzie Brown’s farm in Deer Grove, Illinois

[72] Louese (Keith) Harris

[73] Wieboldt’s Department Store

[74] Ida was the niece of Nancy’s half-sister, Lois (Keith) Clark Skinner’s first husband, Byron Clark

[75] Claude & Eda

[76] Lela & Bess

[77] Dorothy, Robert, Helen & Jean

[78] Will & Lizzie Brown’s farm

[79] Edith & Hedvig Sissle

[80] Gladys’ brothers, Frank and Harold Doyen

[81] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts

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