Nancy Brown’s diary entries from June 8 – 21, 1923


Jun 8 – Cloudy. Lela about used up. Went to see Dr Roberts. Had lunch with Bess. Bess came home with her. Carrie came. She and Bess made candy. Willard and his father came for the girls. Ray and Esther[83] have a girl baby,[84] born about 5. p.m.[85]

Jun 9 – Lizzie phoned. Said Will was going to Deaconess hospital for operation. Lela phoned to Sanitarim. Lou very restless and talkative. Ray and Esther Brown have a baby girl born to day.

Jun 10 – Rained by spells all day. I went over to see Will this aftern. Harold brought me home. Marthas father has a car, brought her home in it tonight. Lou[ese] wrote she, Mildred, Floyd[86] and Jim[87] went down home to day. She stayed.

Jun 11 – Cloudy. A letter from Lou. He wants to come home at once. Says he is growing worse. Girls make candy. Will goes to hospital to night.

Jun 12 – Will operated on to day for Hernia & Hemeroids. Is in Deaconess hospital on Wisconsin St. I went home with Claude & Eda to night. Mr Reed and Harold there for dinner. We all went for a ride. Claude and I went to his place of business on Superior St. first I had been there. On way home got Besies _____.

Jun 13 – Plesant, cold. Ina Holmes[88] 49″ birth day.

Jun 14 – Still cold. I fixed Edas — pattern dress to day. We went to see _____ for sale at Riveria. They brought me home from there.

Jun 15 – Plesant. Claude and Edas 29 wedding anniversary. They with Mr & Mrs Reed had dinner down town, to theatre in eveing. Eggs came to day. Bess, Dodo & Carrie down town. Lela also. She went to buy candy boxes, one for Mr Reed. He and a friend came for candy this evening.

Jun 16 – Plesant. Washing, sewing, cleaning &c to day. Claude and Eda here a while this afternon. Mr Reed goes to see Gladys tonight. Martha to a party, stay all night. Children sent Lou nice box candy for Daddys day tomow. We sent some home in butter pail.

Jun 17 – A beauteful day. Girls had dinner with us. Charlotte & Frank Simpsons[89] first wedding aniversary.

Jun 18 – Three girls making candy. Julius home from Shelbyville.[90]

Jun 19 – Bess and I went to see Will at hospital. Found Lizzie, Harold & Lidas friend there. Very hot. Claude, Eda, Lela, Helen, Jean & Martha went to Kenilworth to see May. She gave Lela a rug. I stayed at Bessies all night.

Jun 20 – Hot. Lela, Bess and Carrie visited big candy factory. Lela went home with Bess. They got quite a start on her dress. Came home in taxi about twelve.

Jun 21 – Hot. Lela sewed all day. Mrs Eckles home from Detroit. She and Mr E[91] here to dinner to night. A letter from Dr Werner. Lou having convulsions. Wants Lela to come up there.

[83] Nancy’s nephew, Ray & Esther (Carlson) Brown

[84] Betty Brown

[85] Betty was actually born on June 9

[86] Mildred and Floyd Harris were Louese’s children

[87] James Clinton Keith, Nancy’s brother

[88] Ina (Skinner) Holmes, the daughter of Nancy’s half-sister, Lois (Keith) Clark Skinner

[89] Neighbors, Charlotte (Noelle) & Frank Simpson

[90] Shelbyville, Michigan, where Louese lived

[91] Neighbors, Daisy (Smith) and Charles Eckel

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