Nancy Brown’s diary entries from April 12 – 30, 1923

Apr 12 – Bess & Carrie here. Worked alone with candy. Lela cleaned house. Miss Gorden gave Helen her music lesson. Stayed here to dinner.

Apr 13 – The three girls makeing candy. I went down town, had lunch with Claude. Wore my new coat first time.

Apr 14 – Snowed this P.M. No candy to day. Claude & Eda here this evening. Mr Edwards bought 2 lb boxes candy, enclosed 5 lbs. Herbert Earls house burned this A.M., lost nearly every thing. Mr A. J. Mills[51] of Kazoo was burried to day.

Apr 15 – I went over to Aunt Kates. They live in Rogers Park, Albion St. I stayed all night. Marian[52] came over in evening got her little boy Jack. Mrs Dr Pratt (Drs second wife) passed away.

Apr 16 – I came home in time to get lunch, found Jean sick in bed. Carrie & Bess here. Francis Pratt (Virginias sister _____) baby born.

Apr 17 – Bess here. Willard sick so Carrie did not come. Julius here a while, his birthday. Jean still sick in bed.

Apr 18 – Bess here. She and Lela went down town to get baskets and boxes for “Mothers day.” Jean some better. Carol[53] and Winona[54] sent me some pussy willows.

Apr 19 – Very warm. Bess here. Jean up and dressed. Will, Lizzie, Harold and Mrs Davis[?] drove over this evening. Will brought the girls a marble slab. A letter from Mildred[55] wrote Herbert Earles house burned. Lou planted garden seeds.

Apr 20 – Second Third crate of eggs this spring came from home to day, no butter, both sent Wed. Nell Crawfords[56] sister Mrs Marie Fitzgerald[57] died last night, double phnuemonia, only sick two or three days. Harry & family,[58] Jessie and family[59] “burried the hatchet.”

Apr 21 – No candy to day. Martha went to her Aunt Helens,[60] stayed all night. Butter came this P.M. all right. Orchestra season closed this P.M.

Apr 22 – Cool. Will, Lizzie, Ray[61] & Lou went to farm. Martha to her fathers. First Sunday Edith & Hedvig was away for Sunday dinner. Claude here to see about fixing basment to make candy. Gave the girls a check. Lela, Helen, Jean and I went to see Doug Fairbanks in Robin Hood. Louese Jacobs stayed with Dodo last night.

Apr 23 – Cool. Three girls made candy. Carrie & Bess here to dinner. Worked this eve. Willard came for them in their car about 9-30. Bess went to dentists this P.M.

Apr 24 – Cool. Girls made candy. Carrie went home for dinner, came back. Three girls worked in evening. Dodo came over. Willard came and got them with his car. Mr Langmeyer[62] here this A.M. to see about fixing basment. Julius here this afternoon. Sent crate to day morrow.

Apr 25 – Cool & plesant. No candy to day. Girls went down town. Lela stopped at Bess for dinner. Jean not very well, has head ache. 19 years to day Pa[63] passed away.

Apr 26 – Cool. The three girls made candy to day. I took candy to a sales lady at M. Fields. Had lunch with Claude. Bought a clock with the ten dollar gold piece Claude & Eda gave me xmas. Callers here this evening, Mrs Gorden rather teachers from her school. Claude told me of letter he had from Mr F.[64]

Apr 27 – Lela and Bess down town to buy fancy boxes. Bess came home with Lela. They made candy and packed till quite late. Got 25 orders to day. Carrie not here. Martha went to her Aunt Kates.[65] Helens 12 birthday.[66] M– gave her a watch. Claude & Eda meet Frank and Till[67] at Dunes[68] to day.

Apr 28 – Plesent. Eggs & butter came yesterday. Martha & Helen to their fathers this afternoon. Mr L– arrested last night. Mr Reed[69] here to day, got 3 lb. candy. He and Gladys[70] meet the folks at the Dunes.

Apr 29 – Plesant. Helen Lueder here for the day. I went to Bessies after dinner. She had smoked butt and spinage for dinner. Dodo & Joe went to see “Sally.” Lela, Lou, Helen, Jean, Martha and Helen went to movie. Mrs Lueder here when I got home.

Apr 30 – Plesent. Lela and I sewed for the children. Bess, Dodo, Robert, Carrie & Willard drove to the Dunes in Carries car. I saw make letters from “Plane” in the sky for first time. “Lucky Strike. This is vacation week. Claude and Eda back from Dunes last evening.

[51] Alfred James Mills; he died April 11, 1923

[52] Marian (Eck) Meiss, Aunt Kate’s granddaughter

[53] Carold Boyer, the granddaughter of Nancy’s sister, Louese (Keith) Harris

[54] Winona Keith, the daughter of Nancy’s brother, James Clinton Keith

[55] Mildred Harris, the daughter of Nancy’s sister, Louese (Keith) Harris

[56] Aunt Kate’s daughter-in-law, Nellie (Sullivan) Crawford

[57] Investigation continues

[58] Aunt Kate’s son, Harry and Nellie (Sullivan) Crawford

[59] Aunt Kate’s daughter, Jessie (Crawford) Eck and presumably her daughters, Marian (Eck) Meiss and Kathryn Eck

[60] Investigation continues

[61] Will & Lizzie Brown’s son

[62] Joe’s father, Joseph Langmayer Sr.

[63] Nancy’s father, Charles Luke Keith Jr.

[64] Charles August Ficke, Louis’ uncle

[65] Investigation continues

[66] Helen Lueder

[67] Frank and Matilda (Neumaier) Doyen; Matilda was Edith (Neumaier) Brown’s sister

[68] Either the Indiana Sand Dunes or the Michigan Sand Dunes, both of which were on the shore of Lake Michigan and were popular swimming and picnic areas

[69] Charles Edward Reed Jr.; future husband of Gladys Doyen

[70] Gladys Doyen, daughter of Frank & Matilda (Neumaier) Doyen


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