June 5, 1923 letter to Ethan Keith & Hannah Towne from Nancy Brown

June 5, 1923

To: Ethan Keith & Hannah Towne, Kalamazoo, MI

From: Nancy Brown, Chicago, IL

The doctor is making arrangements for Lou to go to the sanitarium. He is anxious to go so that he can get better and come home a strong, well man. He will be there for three months.

Tuesday June 5 23

Dear brother and sister.

Just a few lines. Lou[1] not much if any better. Doctor is making arrangments to have him go to Sanintarian, “Sacred Heart” near Milwaukee. Will go Thursday or Friday. Claude, Eda,[2] Lela,[3] Lou, and his cousin George[4] are going. They go in Claude’s George car. Lou is very anxius to go, says he is going to make good, come home a strong well man. Expects to be gone three months. He looks bad. Will write so you will have[?] Saturday. Have not sent crate but will tomow sure.

Love Nan

[Written along the side margin:] They go Thursday 8:30 a.m.

[1] Nancy’s son-in-law, Louis Mueller

[2] Nancy’s son and daughter-in-law, Claude and Edith (Neumaier) Brown

[3] Nancy’s daughter, and Lou’s wife, Lela (Brown) Mueller

[4] George Friedholdt

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