Nancy Brown’s diary entries from April 1 – 10, 1923


Apr 1 – Easter Sunday. Cold but plesant. Edith & Hedvig took Helen & Jean down town to see “Jackie Coogan in “Daddy” went & came in Taxi. Martha over to see her mother.

Apr 2 – Girls got things to make candy easier and more of it.

Apr 3 – Slab, store racks &c came to day.

Apr 4 – Cold. Girls cleaned big marble slab. Cooled fondant on it. Bess has hard toothache.

Apr 5 – Cold. Bess here. Has hard toothache. Lela and I down town, she to see Claude. Had dinner with him. I got me a new spring coat at Fields.[46] 2nd crate of eggs came to day. Bess took half of them. Helen took music lesson. Marthas mother here this eve.

Apr 6 – Pleasant & warmer. Plummer attached candy stove to the gas. Bess used it for first time. She is about sick with her teeth.

Apr 7 – Raining. Not working in candy. Bess went to specialist had two teeth out. In chair over an hour. Very bad infection. Had jaw bone scraped four stitches taken. Martha down town met her mother. Got Helen[47] a watch for her birthday. Mrs John Powers passed away.[48]

Apr 8 – Cold but plesant. Helen and Jean to Sunday school in new church. Martha with her mother. I went down to see Bess. She looks & feels very bad. I came home in Taxi. Will & Lizzie had been here also Mr Roney. Will brought 2 gallon maple syrup.

Apr 9 – Quite a snow storm. Lela washed kitchen walls & ceiling. Tired and lame tonight. Dentist took 2 stitches out of Bess gums to day. Gave her face a treatment. Feels some better. No candy to day. Mrs Powers burried to day in “Oak Grove” Galesburg Mich beside husband[49] and children.[50]

Apr 10 – Lela cleaned walls in living room. Calcimined [whitewashed] cealing. No candy here to day. Bess made Bon Bons at home. Lou all to pieces.

[46] Marshall Field’s Department Store

[47] Martha’s sister, Helen Lueder

[48] Margaret Powers

[49] John Powers

[50] shows that a child, Mabel Powers, is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery

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