April 1, 1923 letter to Ethan Keith & Hannah Towne from Nancy Brown

April 1, 1923

To: Ethan Keith & Hannah Towne, Kalamazoo, MI

From: Nancy Brown, Chicago, IL

General news. Parts of the letter seem to be answers to questions posed in Hannah’s last letter to Nancy.

Sunday eve April 1st 23

Dear brother and sister

Lela and Bess[1] are going down town tomow to get some things for “Nancy Lee,”[2] will write a few lines and put in with the money. They can mail it tomow. Hope you got the crate before any thing was spoiled. Glad to get your letter and glad you sent Lous.[3] Looks as if some thing was going to happen up to Lous silk dress comfortable[4] &c. I dont know what they will do if Mildred[5] does leave home.[6] Glad Daisy[7] got along all right but as you say Hannah I dont see how you can make butter. We have only four eggs left. Bess took three doz. so you can send when ever you have them. The girls have not found out any place yet. No, Claude[8] has not sent for syrup, but Will has. I dont know for how much but I guess enogh so any of us can buy. Claude is going to. We are not.

It has been some warmer to day but wind is coming up tonight. The girls took Helen and Jean[9] down town to day to see Jackie Coogan in “Daddy.” Was gone four hours. Went and came in a Taxi. They got Lela twelve beautiful red carnations and me a nice sequin full of red and —-. They have always been so nice doing things like that. I have had such a head ache for a couple of days. Cant hardly think. My eyes ach real bad and water so can scarcly see. I wish some thing could be done for your piles Ethen. I know pumping and lifting as you have to makes them worse. Hope Will is better. Lous[10] taxes are one hundred and sixty five dollars. That tunnel is underground. Go down same as to go down cellar. Its high so any one can stand straight and has electric lights. I presume to press button at either end lights clear through. Dont show at all in the yard. Its a dandy thing. Can drive right in to garage, close the doors, go to home with out getting wet or cold if stormy. Its all finished up good, cement floor & walls, good steps &c. I would think it about as long as from end of shop to “Mrs Jones.”

I must go to bed. Good night with love.


Let us know if you get this.

[1] Nancy’s daughters, Lela (Brown) Mueller and Bess (Brown) Recoschewitz

[2] Lela’s and Bess’ candy business

[3] Nancy’s sister, Louese (Keith) Harris

[4] Nancy’s handwriting is extremely hard to read so cannot be sure of what she was writing here

[5] Louese’s daughter, Mildred Harris

[6] Presumably because of her upcoming marriage to Fred Cripe in November

[7] Ethan’s and Hannah’s cow

[8] Nancy’s son, Claude Brown

[9] Lela’s daughters

[10] Think she is referring to Lela’s husband, Louis Mueller

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