October 1922 letter to Jean Mueller from Helen Mueller

October 1922

To: Jean Mueller

From: Helen Mueller, Galesburg, MI

Helen is writing to her sister Jean about spending time with relatives in Michigan and tells about all the letters she has written. When she comes home she will tell Jean a story about a little Indian girl who died. She said it was interesting but sounded phoney.

Galesburg, Mich.[1]

Dear Jean,

Glad you enjoyed my letter. Thanks for the letter you sent me. I was tickled pink to get it. Honey we’re coming home Wednesday morning. Probly we’ll arrive at the house in the afternoon. About five or six o’clock.

So Ruth Henrich spent the other day with you. Hope you had a good time with her. To bad she wouldn’t stay alnight with you. Does Lucille come to see you? Do you play with Evelyn and Edith or Betty? If you do I shouldn’t think it would be so lonesome for you.

No I don’t go with Uncle Ethen[2] to get Daisy. Instead I write letters. No I don’t go to the “burg”[3] with Uncle Ethen. He only went once and that time I didn’t care to go cause I was reading the jokes in about fifty or more papers.

Well I guess that’s about all for today. Tomorrow I’ll write more.




Dear Jean,

I got up at half past six o’clock and ate breakfast. I wouldn’t get up mornings if mamma[4] didn’t tell me I couldn’t have anything but bread and butter. That’s the truth because the pancakes don’t stay hot. After breakfast I go and lie down. I sleep till about half past nine or ten o’clock but this morning I didn’t want to go to bed this morning even tho’ I am yawning will writing this sentence.

Auntie,[5] Uncle Ethen, and mamma claim I write all the time. Well I’ve written several letters. My first to you. My second to daddy,[6] my third to “the bunch, my fourth to Evelyn, and this is my fifth. I got two letters. One from you and one from Dodo.[7] I had to laugh. Dotty wrote to me at the store and wrote on bags.

When I get home I’ll tell you all about Momee.[8] A little Indian girl that died. What she did and all about it. It’s interesting but sounds phoney.

We think maybe the Shelbyville folks are coming today.

I remain your big sister that you don’t like to do for as you would a little sister of yours so you could do every thing for her.

Now I’ve made by speal. Ha, ha, ha, ha, dito continued.

Your loving sister,

Helen M.

[1] While the letter isn’t dated, it appears to have been written during the later part of October 1922

[2] Ethan Keith, the brother of Helen’s grandmother, Nancy (Keith) Brown

[3] Galesburg, Michigan

[4] Lela (Brown) Mueller

[5] Hannah (Keith) Towne, the sister of Helen’s grandmother, Nancy (Keith) Brown

[6] Louis Mueller

[7] Helen’s cousin, Dorothy Recoschewitz

[8] Perhaps she is referring to Maumee. Nancy Brown and other members of the family believed in spiritualism and at times Nancy would go into trances. During these trances she had an Indian spirit guide named Maumee and while in a trance she would produce very delicate intricate drawings. She would be so drained after these trances that her husband Henry told her that she should tell him when she felt a trance coming on.  He then, somehow, could keep her from going into the trance

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