Nancy Brown’s diary entries from January 1 – February 22, 1923

Jan 1 – Claude[1] came home from hospital last night. Miss Bannon the nurse came with him. I am here with them today, also Harold.[2] Claude came to table. Aunt Jennie Barber[3] stoped with us Dec. 29. Went to Kazoo[4] Friday spent today with Ethan & Hannah[5] on her way to Vermont for visit.

Jan 20 – Ethans 72nd birthday. Martha Lueders 15th ” [birthday].

Jan 23 – Claudes 48″ birthday. Martha Lueders[6] 15″.

Jan 31 – Plesant. I went over to Claudes this P.M. Emma Randall and friend Mrs [blank space] Emma and I stayed all night. Harold over to dinner.

Feb 1 – Plesant. Emma went away this A.M. Claude and Eda[7] took me home this evening after seeing Thomas Mehan in Manslaughter at Riveria. Martha over to her Aunt Helens stayed all night.

Feb 2 – Cloudy. No ground hog shadow.

Feb 3 – Cold. I worked on Helens[8] brown velvet coat. Mrs Roney[9] slipped on their kitchen floor and hurt her self quite bad.

Feb 4 – Very cold. Martha over to Saniterium. Claude, Eda & Harold over this P.M. Lela and Lou[10] to church this evening. Claude brought over cuts he had made for Nancy Lee.[11]

Feb 5 – Plesant. Bess[12] came up to make candy. Dorothy[13] and I down town. Got Bess gold band dishes, myself a candy jar. Lou brought Jean[14] down tonight. She, Dodo[15] & I went to Keystone first Jean had seen Robert[16] usher. Bess stayed up to the house. Julius[17] to Milwaukee. I bought a clock for the girls.

Feb 6 – Snowing. Dodo went down town got new [blank space] I went home this P.M. Robert ” [went] with me. Jean stayed with Dodo. Bess went home in taxi 11 P.M.

Feb 7 – Snow & colder. Bess birthday, got her new dishes. Edith & Hedvig[18] to here Cone lecture and heal the lame & sick.

Feb 8 – Warmer. Bess here today. Jean did not come home. Girls got 500 candy boxes all pound and ½ lb. also nine large heart Valentine boxes. Took cut Claude made for boxes to have printed tonight. Five hundred candy boxes came to day.

Feb 10 – Claude has an infection on back of hand, very painful.

Feb 11 – Girls busy with candy. Martha to her fathers.[19] Claude, Eda and Harold here a while. Took over six dollars worth of candy. They took Bess home. Lela and Lou to movie this evening. Girls out. Martha home 8-40.

Feb 12 – Bess here. Girls very busy making candy for Valentine. I telephoned Mae[?],[20] her mother is very sick. Julius here to dinner. Took candy home to deliver at Orchestra Hall. Sent candy to Ethan, Lou[ese],[21] Jim,[22] Walter,[23] LaVerne,[24] Winifred[25] & to Davenport.[26] Claude had hand lanced.

Feb 13 – Snowing and blowing more than this winter. Lou delivered over 40.00 worth of candy. Bess went home in Taxi about eleven. Took candy to delier. Turning very cold & snowing hard. Claudes hand _____. Dr put drain in for a few days.

Feb 14 – Verry verry cold. Lou not very well. Claud real sick all night with gas on stomach. Lill[27] Phoned. Said her mother was failing fast liable to go any minite.

Feb 15 – Cold. Girls making candy. Lela went with Claude & Eda to see Eddie Canter in “Make it snappy.” All had diner down town. Claude has a very sore hand infection. Dr lanced it this P.M. Mrs Lueders[28] home this evening.

Feb 16 – A little warmer. Girls making candy. Mrs Roney a little better. Mae phoned us.

Feb 17 – Snow & very cold. Girls went to Mrs Roneys tonight. Bess took large moca cake, fruit salad & candy. Lela pork roast, sphagetti & cheese, rice pudding. Mrs Roney passed away nine P.M. Girls were there.

Feb 18 – Some warmer. I took taxi over to Mr Roneys[29] 1 P.M. Claude & Lela brought me home 5:30. Lela went back to Mr R– with them. Got home about eleven.

Feb 19 – Warmer. Girls making candy. Claude called for me 5 P.M., went home with them. He, Eda & I saw “Dolly” a beautiful show. I stayed all night at Claudes.

Feb 20 – Cold. Mrs Roney buried today, Mt. Olivette.[30] Lou, Lela and Bess went. Lou was pall bearer. I was to Claudes. Dorothy stayed at house with Helen and Jean. Emma Randall at Claudes. She, Eda and Claude brought me home this evening.

Feb 21 – Helen & Hedvig both home yesterday and to day with colds. Bess here.

Feb 22 – Helen better. Went home with Bess. Hedvig not so well.

[1] Nancy’s son, Claude Brown

[2] Believe this is Harold Doyen, nephew of Claude’s wife, Edith (Neumaier) Brown

[3] Have not been able to determine any relationship

[4] Kalamazoo, Michigan

[5] Nancy’s brother and sister, Ethan Keith and Hannah (Keith) Towne

[6] Martha was temporarily living with Lela and Lou Mueller, where Nancy lived also

[7] Claude’s wife, Edith (Neumaier) Brown

[8] Nancy’s granddaughter, Helen Mueller

[9] Ellen (Murphy) Roney, a friend or neighbor

[10] Nancy’s daughter and son-in-law, Lela (Brown) and Louis Mueller

[11] Lela’s and Bess’ candy business. They originally named it Nancy Lee Candies but because another store had that name, they were forced to change it to Nancy Keith Candies

[12] Nancy’s daughter, Bess (Brown) Recoschewitz

[13] Nancy’s granddaughter, Dorothy Recoschewitz

[14] Nancy’s granddaughter, Eda “Jean” Mueller

[15] Dorothy Recoschewitz’s nickname

[16] Nancy’s grandson, Robert Recoschewitz

[17] Bess’ husband, Julius Recoschewitz

[18] Edith and Hedwig Sissle were sisters boarding at Lela & Lou’s home

[19] Henry Lueder

[20] Perhaps this was Marion Roney, Ellen Roney’s daughter

[21] Nancy’s sister, Louese (Keith) Harris

[22] Nancy’s brother, James Keith

[23] Jim’s son, Walter Keith

[24] Louese’s daughter, LaVerne (Harris) Boyer

[25] Jim’s daughter, Winifred (Keith) Brouard

[26] Davenport, Iowa, where Lou Mueller’s family lived

[27] Ellen Roney’s daughter

[28] Emma (Erickson) Lueder

[29] Ellen’s husband, Thomas Roney

[30] Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Chicago

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