September 24, 1922 letter to Nancy Brown from Lela Mueller

September 24, 1922

To: Nancy Brown, Kalamazoo, MI

From: Lela Mueller, Chicago, IL

Lela may go to Davenport with her sister-in-law’s family to see her mother-in-law, whose health is failing. Writes about going to church and how much Helen and Jean love going and love their lesson books. Edith (Sissle’s?) sister was married “civally” as they had to prove they were married before they could get a place to live, but won’t announce their marriage until they are married in October in a church ceremony.

Sunday P.M.

Dear Ones All:

I received your letter Friday, but didnt have time to write and Bess[1] said Dodo[2] had written. Sorry you had such a long tiresome ride.

Joe, Bob, Anna[3] and a Miss Nelson have just gone, got here at 10 A.M. They brought chicken, 2 watermelons, muskmelons, pears, apples and tomatoes. They are going to drive to Davenport[4] again in two or three weeks and if Bess can come up here I may go with them. Joe says Mother[5] has failed. They want to be remembered to you. Anna gave Dodo a very pretty cut glass mayonaise bowl and plate, the same pattern as the cream & sugar Mrs Hockberg gave Bess.

Dodo came up this noon to see Anna a minute and get her present, brought me her watch. She and Joe[6] are coming up this evening to stay so we can go to church.

Anna took the children[7] to sunday school this morning. Martha[8] went with them and waited for them. They were more excited than last Sunday if possible, both have a quarterly, their lesson is the same as ours. It seems deep but it must be all right. I went down Friday and got them each a pretty sweater, they are quite a bright blue tuxedo style, and can be buttoned over. Jeans comes to the bottom of her dress and Helens is quite long. They look nice on them. I went to the Club Wed. I am to entertain a week from Thursday. Had a nice time. Mrs Dillon won the prize for me at Mrs Stines the time I didn’t go. Louise Hendrick came up and staid all night with Martha so Lou[9] and I went to church. Thursday I cleaned and went to the Riviera in the evening with the girls. Saw Guy Bates Post in the Masquerader, it was good.

Friday the children took their lunch to school and Lou and I went down town. I stopped at Bessies on my way home, was there an hour.

Edith S– (Sissle?) has been about sick with a cold, but guess she will be all right in a day or two. Their sister was married “civally” in August, but the church ceremony wont be till October. They had to show that they were married before they could get a place to live, but it wont be announced till they are married by a minister in October.

The girls have just gone out, they both said to give you their love.

Lou got his check 6250 signed by Claude[10] Sat. A.M. and he is going to let them have the stuff he has in the attic in the morning. Claude has been coming since Thursday to get it but each day phones he cant make it, hope he can get it to-morrow as Lou will feel better when its all gone.

George phoned that they would be more than glad to come here, but on account of Jacks Mother couldn’t get so far away.

We arent going to do any thing about renting a room now, something else may turn up.

Mr & Mrs Grace had company from out of town last week so are coming this week.

Must get ready for church, so will close. The children are in the big chair. Helen has her Quarterly and the Bible and Jean has her Quarterly and Science and Health.

Mrs Lueders is at the not well so Martha went out yesterday to see her and to-day we has gone out again. I sent bread, butter, roast lamb, fruit salad, prune whip and sunshine cake, same as we had for dinner. Mrs Lueders didnt expect her to-day.

Jean just says “Mama I just love this book” and hugged it so tight.

Write whenever you can and I will too, but I’m going to wash curtains etc this week. Mrs Sissle is going to have Margaret Ellen here next Sunday.

With lots of love to All


[1] Lela’s sister, Bess (Brown) Recoschewitz

[2] Bess’ daughter, Dorothy Recoschewitz

[3] Lela’s sister-in-law and family, Johanna (Mueller) and Robert Langhorn, and Johanna’s daughter by her first husband, Anna Holmquist

[4] Davenport, Iowa, where Lela’s mother-in-law lived

[5] Lela’s mother-in-law, Augusta (Ficke) Mueller

[6] Dorothy’s future husband, Joseph Langmayer

[7] Lela’s daughters, Helen and Eda “Jean” Mueller

[8] Martha Lueder, who was temporarily living with Lela and Lou

[9] Lela’s husband, Louis Mueller

[10] Lela’s brother, Claude Brown

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