September 14, 1922 postcard to Nancy Brown from Mabel Williams

September 14, 1922[1]

To: Nancy Brown, Chicago, IL[2]

From: Mabel Williams, Manistique, MI

A postcard from Mabel letting Nancy know she arrived in Manistique. She thinks she will like it there once she gets more acquainted. The picture on the other side shows the house although it is hidden by trees.

229 Range St.
Manistique Mich

Dear Nan,

Your letter forwarded here. I was very glad to hear and sorry to have missed you at Hannah’s.[3] I came by way of the straits but may return by Chicago. This is a pretty place and I think I shall like it when I get more acquainted. I hope everyone is well. I am having my annual cold in the head – lovely not. Remember me to all the folks.

With love


I will write more later.


[1] While the year on the postmark is incomplete, it would appear that this was written in 1922 as Mabel married Harry Williams June 30, 1922 and their marriage record shows that Harry was living in Manistique

[2] The postcard was addressed to Nancy at her old address, 1264 Ardmore Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, where she lived with her daughter Lela’s family. They moved to 4445 North Francisco Avenue in Chicago around early 1920

[3] Nancy’s sister, Hannah (Keith) Towne

[4] Mabel (Chaffee) Williams, the granddaughter of Nancy’s uncle and aunt, Harvey and Alfleda (Starr) Keith

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