October 1921 letter to Nancy Brown from Bess Recoschewitz

October 1921[1]

To: Nancy Brown

From: Bess Recoschewitz

Bess writes about going on a picnic with Claude and Edie. She had made some chocolate cream candies and everyone liked them so much that she has decided to start a candy business. Claude gave her $10.00 for ten pounds which he will sell to friends, and Al gave her $5.00 for five pounds. Hannah then added her news to the letter and is sure that Bess will strike it rich with the business.


Tuesday Eve 8 o’clock

Dear ones all

I intended to have a money order to send tonight but forgot it until it was to late. Will send tomorrow or Thur. You & I don’t seem to be doing much corresponding lately, (for once you’re not doing any better than I am). Well I imagine you’re busy getting ready to go to Detroit and I know I’m busy.

Last Friday we went on a picnic with Claude & Edie.[2] Claude wasn’t to be here until 5 o’clock, at just 3.30 I started a letter to you, had it just begun when Claude phoned said he’d be here about 4 o’clock. Well that finished me. I had a lot to do. We went and had a real good time. I made some dandy chocolate creams. Every one liked them so much that I got the big head and started in business. Claude gave me an order for ten pounds at one dollar a pound. He has those sold to Ozans, Russ Thompson and some others I can’t tell who. Then Al[3] was in yesterday. He expects to buy Rosie Auto and he paid me $5.00 for 5 lb. says he will be my Rockford agent. Every one is interested and I wouldn’t be surprised if they would advertise them selves enough so I’ll have all the orders I can fill and I love to make them. Claude is helping me to fix find some neat boxes. This week I’ve got just a plain white box but we want something different. If I can I’ll send you a few the last of the week. I’ve made my for fondant today (12 lb.) and the children[4] have helped me shell nuts. Have ½ lb black walnuts, almost 1 lb Brazil nuts and the English Walnuts are not shelled yet. Tomorrow I’m going to crack some butternuts and almonds.

Joe[5] was here tonight. He said he had $35.00 saved and I could take that to stock up on. Needless to say I’m not going too but it was nice of him to offer.

Claude had me come down to lunch with him Monday so we could talk things over. I clear just about half if any thing a little more and of course I have to pay full prices getting in small quantities so if I do make good I’ll try & get wholesale prices. Now I’ve tooted my horn so I might ad that Julius[6] has a job starting this Thur. the first he’s had since the New York trip. Its just 2 weeks for this celebration at Grant Park but that takes him into the Thomas season so things look better for us.

I sent the crate last week, put in two or three cans, your envelopes, cream and those few flowers I thot those colors would look better with your silk dress than the light organdie flowers would. We sent Auntie[7] some at Shelbyville[8] and put a dollar in the box for her birthday. Did she get them. I got the dollar you sent me. Now you don’t need to send any more, we’re square.

Mrs Koontz is laid up with rheumatism, is so she’s up but thats about all.

I haven’t talked with Lela[9] today and I don’t know any more about Roneys.

I’ll address this letter to Auntie so if you’re not there they can read it and send it on to you. Bob is ready to take this.

Hope you have a nice trip.

With lots of love



[the following was written by Hannah Towne]

Thursday 8:30 A.M.

Have had the work done a long time but Ethen[10] has been in and we have been talking. We think Bess has struck some thing rich. I have a letter ready to send to her. I told her I could see how — — could be fixed now with out any fooling she may work up quite a big business. Ida Allen did not come and I have not heard from her. Alfarata came Tuesdy afternoon. Mrs Salon in to phone yesterday A.M. Mr Weber is there fixing the house. Ethen said three new windows in last night. I spent yesterday writing letters and I am agoing to write some more to day. I owe so many. Then to morrow will get busy and keep right on next week. No news since you went. Shall we eat the candy all up if Bess sends it here. I have sent her Charlies address. How did you stand the ride?



[1] While the letter was undated, from the contents of the letter is seems to have been written around October 1921

[2] Bess’ brother and his wife, Claude and Edie (Neumaier) Brown

[3] Bess’ stepson, Al Recoschewitz

[4] Bess’ daughter and son, Dorothy and Robert Recoschewitz

[5] Dorothy’s future husband, Joseph Langmayer

[6] Bess’ husband, Julius Recoschewitz, who played violin with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

[7] Nancy’s sister, Hannah (Keith) Towne

[8] Shelbyville, Michigan

[9] Bess’ sister, Lela (Brown) Mueller

[10] Nancy and Hannah’s brother, Ethan Keith

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