Nancy Brown’s Diary Entries from September 3 – 5, 1921


Sep 3 – 3.30 P.M. Earl Briggs hung him self. Mr Dee[1] married. Lou and Jean[2] went to Davenport.[3] Lela,[4] Helen,[5] Dodo[6] & Martha[7] to farm with Will and Lizzie.[8]

Sep 4 – Aunt Jenie Barber came this eve. Will stay til Wednesday. Mrs Lawrence Teacher back to Bessies.[9]

Sep 5 – Lela wrote. Lou and Jean home from Davenport.



[1] Mr. Dee boarded with Nancy’s daughter and son-in-law, Lela & Lou Mueller

[2] Nancy’s son-in-law, Louis Mueller, and his daughter, Eda “Jean” Mueller

[3] Davenport, Iowa, where Lou’s mother lived

[4] Nancy’s daughter, Lela (Brown) Mueller

[5] Lela’s daughter and granddaughter, Lela (Brown) Mueller and Helen Mueller

[6] Nancy’s granddaughter, Dorothy Recoschewitz

[7] Martha Lueder, who was temporarily living with Lela & Lou Mueller; Nancy also lived with Lela & Lou but was visiting her brother and sister, Ethan Keith and Hannah (Keith) Towne in Galesburg, Michigan

[8] Lou’s brother and sister-in-law, Willis and Elizabeth (Ogden) Brown

[9] Nancy’s daughter, Bess (Brown) Recoschewitz

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