September 2, 1921 letter to Nancy Brown from Bess Recoschewitz

September 2, 1921[1] 

To: Nancy Brown

From: Bess Recoschewitz

General news about family and neighbors. Lou is feeling better so he and Jean are going to Davenport. Bob was sick so won’t be able to go on his hiking trip. She, Julius and Al went to visit Julius’ sister and had a good time. She likes his sister very much.

Friday Eve. 7 o’clock

Dear ones All

Your’s rec’d yesterday. I’ll get the oven fixed to send the first of the week and will send the crate as soon as I get down town to get some basins.

Lela[2] is going to look for a hat for you tomorrow when she takes Jeane[3] to the train. I wonder how it would work to take the stiffening out of the brim and then just catch that around easy, otherwise I would wear my last winters hat & get somthing at Kal.[4] or Detroit.

You know its mighty unsatisfactory to get a hat for anyone. We will see about the organdie flowers within the next few days.

Lou[5] is feeling better so he & Jeane are going[6] tomorrow about 11 o’clock – get back Mon. at five. I guess Lela, Helen[7] and Martha[8] are coming here for Sunday dinner. Dorothy[9] is going to stay there tonight & all day tomorrow, keep Helen & Martha so Lela can go down town.

You needn’t send the bullets or the collars we can do very nicely without either.

Bob[10] was taken sick yesterday seemed to be his stomach & bowels. His temperature was between 102˚ & 103 all day. I gave him castor oil and an enema and put ice packs on his head and not a bite of anything to eat so hes up today and has tried real hard to feel fine, but his eyes look bad and he has a little temperature. I told him a few minutes ago he would have to give up his hike. He feels pretty bad about it but you know he makes the best of it too. Wishes now he’d gone to Galesburg and stayed until Monday. Thinks he wouldn’t have been sick.

Melba is still with Mrs Koontz wants to stay until her school starts Sept 17. Its really surprising how Mary gets along with both the girls. If anything goes wrong Helen[11] is to blame always. We all feel sorry for her – at times.

I packed all of Newells dishes for them & there were a lot of them and some real nice ones. She just phoned and said there wasn’t a one broken. I’m sure glad for I never have done much of that work myself.

I just phoned Lela she said Aunt Lizzie[12] wanted them to go to the farm tomorrow night and stay until Sunday night so guess they will as they have beans they want to get if she has money so she can. I’ll have her get a money order down town & send for the last 2 crates.

Al[13] was here from Wed until Sunday night.

I guess I wrote that we were invited to Tunks for dinner. Al, Julius[14] and I went. (Dorothy was in McHenry). We had a real good time. Liked his sister very much. Had a nice dinner roast lamb with bacon (very good) potatoes, noodles, combination salad, coffee & apple pie. Every thing was just right – then all the home brew we wanted and that was good too. Al got a taxi both ways $2.10 each trip, but we enjoyed it. I really like that way of travel the best. I don’t think that was bad for the 3 of us. Its ten blocks the other side of Garfield Park.

The day Dorothy, Catherine & I went to McHenry we had so much to carry we called a taxi and that was $1.80 to the Northwestern depot for the 3 of us. Our car fare would have been 54¢ for we would have had to take the L and surface cars to get there so sometimes its pretty nice. Julius is going to mail this but he says if I write any more junk hes going to change his mind and his shoes.

With lots of love


[1] Even though the date of Aug 2nd 21 (which was a Tuesday) was penciled in at the top of the letter, from the contents of the letter it was determined that it was actually written September 2, 1921

[2] Bess’ sister, Lela (Brown) Mueller

[3] Lela’s daughter, Eda “Jean” Mueller

[4] Kalamazoo, Michigan

[5] Lela’s husband, Louis Mueller

[6] Lou and Jean were going to Davenport, Iowa, to visit his mother

[7] Lela’s daughter, Helen Mueller

[8] Martha Lueder who was living with Lou & Lela temporarily

[9] Bess’ daughter, Dorothy Recoschewitz

[10] Bess’ son, Robert Recoschewitz

[11] This is referring to a friend or neighbor, not Lela’s daughter

[12] Elizabeth (Ogden) Brown, Lela’s sister-in-law

[13] Bess’ stepson, Al Recoschewitz

[14] Bess’ husband, Julius Recoschewitz

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