August 28, 1921 letter to Nancy Brown from Bess Recoschewitz

August 28, 1921

To: Nancy Brown, Kalamazoo, MI

From: Bess Recoschewitz, Chicago, IL

Explains why her weekly letter was late this time. General news about family and friends.


Sunday 11 A.M.

Dear ones All:

Just as I started to write Thur. eve, Claude & Edie[1] came stayed until 10.30 then Frid. eve. Mrs Newel, Mary, Mary Koontz, Melba, Helen and Al were all here until after 11, so thats the story of the Sat. letter you didn’t get. Al[2] goes back tonight has been just as nice as could be all the time and he & Julius[3] are “pals” from morning till night. One seems just as tickled as the other. Al has helped out in all the buying of grocereis and gave Dorothy[4] a dandy purse and gave her ten dollars to send to Bob[5] for his fare home and to pay his trip with Buddy to Starved rock.

Dorothy has “motored” to McHenry to day with Mrs Eitil & Mrs Bhu Bruhn comes back tonight.

Julius, Al and I are invited to Mr Tunks for dinner (the one that was in Springfield with us).

Newells move Tuesday. They gave me a chair, chiffonier and book shelves, 2 dandy hats for Dorothy, (they were Minnies), a black satin dress, a light blue taffeta skirt under skirt, new, some dishes, a fluteing iron and a real good gas oven. Do you want me to send the oven there. Its a nice one, glass door, two shelves and in perfect condition, 18 in high, 12 by 14 square.

Miss Lawrence comes back next Sunday. I got a letter from her asking to come back the same day she got mine asking her if she would come back.

Miss Watson is back from Sweden and is with Mrs Koontz, had a wonderul time. Guess she showed the Swedes some tricks, she don’t leave you to guess about anything anyway.

Mr & Mrs Moore were here just a few minutes one evening. Its all we’ve seen them. Said everything was fine, liked it very much and I know I do and I’m mighty glad Mr Dee[6] is going to get married. Its the only way, for you folks[7] would never have asked him to leave and it certainly makes a lot of work and the profit isn’t much.

I’ve got a lot to do before we go to Tunks, so guess I’d better get busy and want to write to Bob too. We havn’t heard a word from him. Guess we’ve got to thank you for his two letters.

Newells pay $100.00 per mo. and Mr Wayne goes with them. Only five room on Pauline about 1½ blks from the Howard theatre. Mr Newell isn’t going with them but pays $50. a month on the rent.

Must get busy.

With lots of love to all.


[1] Bess’ brother and sister-in-law, Claude and Edith (Neumaier) Brown

[2] Bess’ step-son, Al Recoschewitz

[3] Bess’ husband, Julius Recoschewitz

[4] Bess’ daughter, Dorothy Recoschewitz

[5] Bess’ son, Robert Recoschewitz

[6] One of Bess’ sister Lela’s boarders

[7] Nancy, Lela and Lou Mueller (Bess’ sister and brother-in-law); Nancy lived with Lela & Lou but was visiting her brother and sister in Galesburg, Michigan

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