August 17, 1921 letter to Nancy Brown from Lela Mueller

August 17, 1921[1]

To: Nancy Brown

From: Lela Mueller

Writes about spending the day at Will Brown’s farm and the produce they brought home. Lou had a crying spell at breakfast on Tuesday. He forgot to file a government report at work and was worried over the heavy fine the business would have to pay. The doctor was going to submit an affidavit saying he was sick and that should take care of the matter.

Wed. P.M.

Dear Ones All:[2]

I intended to have had a letter there for you Mon. or Tues. but —

Our plans were changed about going to the farm[3] and it some how made a lot of extra work for me. I phoned Ruth[4] and she said her mother was going out Sat. and wanted us to go, so I baked two cakes and got fruit etc. and fixed supper here for the men – all they had to do was put in on the stove. Packed the childrens grips and 2 market baskets of eats, then washed and dressed to go. Had all that done at 3 oclock, then called Aunt Lizzie[5] and she thought best to wait till moring on account of the hard rain we had had. So I had to unpack every thing and fix for our supper and repack for Sun. Aunt Lizzie was going out with us Sun. A. M. but got to the station just in time to see the train pull out, so she rushed back home and came out with Ralph[6] & Ruth. Ray & Esther[7] came out at 2. Lou[8] picked about 60# of beans and they are so good. Have given to Friks, Noelle, Eckels & Powers,[9] Bess,[10] Mrs H___rich & Mrs Ko__tz and lots left. We had plenty of corn to eat out there and brought in a market basket full.

Lou was over to see Dr last night. He told him to cut out meat and hearty foods and gave him something to quiet his nerves. He had a hard crying spell Tues. at breakfast and looks bad – but guess he made some mistakes that worried him last mo. He had one government report that should have been out July 31, and he forgot all about it. There is a heavy fine for not having it in on time, but the Dr will sign an affidavit saying he was sick[11] etc. and guess they will get off on that all right.

The children are going to Kathrine Coddys Friday. Martha[12] expects to cross the Lake again Friday, so I’m going down town for the day.

The eggs came yesterday. Martha took them down to Bess this P.M. also send her one of the bags. Did Uncle Ethan’s[13] come yet?

The cots came – are rusty – but guess they are worth 39¢. The pad was nix.

The man I had last week worked for Mrs Eckel[14] to day and got through early so I’m having him clean my kitchen floor and the porches.

Lou took a sample of Jeans[15] urine over to Dr. He didn’t think there was any serious trouble but gave her some medicine.

I’m making jell (grape) and sewing to day, making that dark dress of Edie’s[16] for Helen[17] and finishing Jeans coat.

You must have quite a house full – nice you can all be there to gether. Hope Auntie[18] will go to Shelby[19] while you are there, Uncle Ethan to Jackson and you to Detroit. Now do try and go. You’ve got things to wear and can go now. #If you need cash say so, & we’ll use that to pay your bill if you need Claudes[20] – no hurry.

Had a letter from Joe[21] yesterday. She, Bob & Anna[22] are going to drive to Davenport[23] Labor Day.

I’ll close and get this ready to mail. If I have time to write more will do so.

With lots of love to all


[1] Although the letter is undated, by the contents of the letter it was determined that it was probably written on August 17, 1921

[2] Nancy lived with Lela & Lou, however she was visiting her brother and sister, Ethan Keith and Hannah Towne

[3] Nancy’s brother-in-law, Willis Brown, owned a farm in Wood Dale, Illinois

[4] Ruth (Brown) Kroscher, Will Brown’s daughter

[5] Will Brown’s wife, Elizabeth (Ogden) Brown

[6] Ralph Kroscher, Ruth’s husband

[7] Will Brown’s son and daughter-in-law, Ray and Esther (Carlson) Brown

[8] Lela’s husband, Louis Mueller

[9] Lela’s neighbors

[10] Lela’s sister, Bess (Brown) Recoschewitz

[11] Lou had previously been hit by a streetcar and sustained a brain injury. As a result he would have seizures. Lela was able to care for him at home in the beginning but later had to admit him to Elgin State Hospital where he remained until his death in 1942

[12] Martha Lueder, who was temporarily living with Lela & Lou

[13] Nancy’s brother, Ethan Keith

[14] Lela’s next door neighbor

[15] Lela’s daughter, Eda “Jean” Mueller

[16] Lela’s sister-in-law, Edith (Neumaier) Brown

[17] Lela’s daughter, Helen Mueller

[18] Nancy’s sister, Hannah (Keith) Towne

[19] Shelbyville, Michigan

[20] Lela’s brother, Claude Brown

[21] Lou’s sister, Johanna (Mueller) Holmquist Langhorn

[22] Johanna’s second husband, Robert Langhorn, and her daughter by her first husband, Anna Holmquist

[23] Davenport, Iowa, where Lou’s mother lived

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