September 8, 1920 letter to Nancy Brown from Ruth Kroscher

September 8, 1920

To: Nancy Brown, Galesburg, MI

From: Ruth Kroscher, Chicago, IL

Thanks her aunt for her comforting letter after the death of her baby.

Dear Aunt Nan

Your letter was such a comfort and help to us. Noone can understand, who hasn’t been through the same experience, how much our little girl meant to us.

It is so hard to understand why some things have to be. But there is a world of comfort in having such a wee bundle of sweetness for ones very own – even for such a short time. Yes, I’m sure “its better to have a baby in Heaven than never to have had one at all.”  Those words come to me over and over again and help to lessen the heart ache, I’m sure, more than any others that have come to us.

We really have so much to be thankful for and we try to remember that we have. I am gaining my strength back – everyone has been so good to us – and Ralph[1] has tried so hard to help me when his own part has been almost too hard to bear. Neither of us have had misfortune affect our lives very deeply and we both have a great deal to learn.

Thank Hannah[2] and Ethan[3] for their remembrance and, Aunt Nan, we want you to know that your letter meant a great deal more to Ralph and I than you can know. I think Mother[4] and you can sympathize as no one else can.[5]

Hope you will be coming home soon – we all do – and that you will be in Chicago this winter.[6]



Wednesday, Sept 8th 1920

[1] Ruth’s husband, Ralph Kroscher

[2] Nancy’s sister, Hannah (Keith) Towne

[3] Nancy’s brother, Ethan Keith

[4] Elizabeth (Ogden) Brown

[5] Nancy’s first pregnancy in 1873 produced twin boys, one of which was stillborn; the other died two hours later

[6] Nancy lived with her daughter Lela and Lou but was visiting her brother and sister, Ethan and Hannah, who lived in the old family farm in Galesburg, Michigan

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