February 7, 1920 letter to James Keith from Ethan Keith

February 7, 1920

To: James Keith

From: Ethan Keith, Kalamazoo, MI

Is enclosing $21.00 and would like Jim to pay Mrs. Pratt the interest that is due. They are well and haven’t had the flu that many others have had. He sold their cow Mollie to Al Reed. He would have liked to see what kind of cow she would have made, but decided one cow was all they needed.


Kalamazoo, Mich. Feb 7, 1920.

Dear Brother,

It is interest time again, and I will have to ask you to be to the trouble to pay Mrs Pratt, and will be very much obliged to you for doing it. Will inclose money order for twenty-one dollars.

We[1] are about as usual. Have been fortunate in escaping the “flu” so far. Quite a good many are having it. Al Reed got Mollie thursday as you probably know. Gave forty dollars for her. Would liked to have kepte her and seen what kind of a cow she would have made, but have come to the conclusion that one cow is all we want.

Hope you went have any more “flu” at your house than you have had.

Your brother

E. B. Keith

 P.S. Have concluded to register this.

[1] Ethan and his sister, Hannah (Keith) Towne, who lived together in the old family farm

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